Be Curious, Fearless and Try Something New

“I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious”  Albert Einstein.

I am in the middle of launching a company new to the US. It requires a tremendous amount of energy, focus, and dedication. It also requires a deep appreciation of learning new things and a constant need for curiosity. I’m convinced it is good for you. Life is interesting. As children, just about anything new excites us, we are curious and earnestly ask why. As we mature, we start to put up a guard and we allow fear or our routines stop us from learning new things.


Snowboarding-Round 1

I have always been one who loves to try new things both professionally and personally. I’ve also learned that inspiration can come from many sources. For my personal life, it has mostly been my children to provide this inspiration.

This winter, my eight-year-old convinced me to try snowboarding. He said, “Mom, all the cool kids snowboard, so you should too.” Well, in my quest to win Cool Mom of the Year award, I did. The first lesson was interesting, to say the least.

I would love to tell you I was a snowboarding queen but honestly, I sucked. Really sucked. My 5-year-old reminded me by saying, “Wow mom. You are pretty bad. Maybe you shouldn’t embarrass us.”

Reluctantly, I signed up for a group lesson a few weeks later. By the end of the day, I was continuously going up the slope and finally stopping properly (meaning not falling on my butt to stop).

Such a small victory made me feel energized, happy and even, dare I say…. youthful.

With work, you MUST have the same amount of curiosity and courage to learn new things.  You will have a spark about you that others seem to lose along the way. It may be as simple as taking a course, reading a book or listening to a podcast (if you are in business, try Harvard Business Review Idea Cast and/or Forbes).

Many I know feel stuck or unfulfilled in their professional life. Learning something new, being curious and getting over fears many times can be crucial to overcoming the feeling of stagnation.

A year ago, I took a coding course. Why? I really wanted to try something new as I manage or hire web and app developers. It was amazing to spend time learning this new skill. Again, I felt refreshed (and quite humbled)!

First Work Event At New Company 

This year, I took on a new endeavor to run a company from A to Z. This has required me to learn and appreciate so much in a very small amount of time. Guess what? I’m still in one piece and I feel more energized than ever. Also, I know that because of this, I am a much better mother, wife, and employee.

Here is what I think we should do in the next 24-48 hours. I know we are all busy but we can do it.

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First Day of School. Our school bus=the subway.

Welcome to Power Meetings and Playdates!

The main reason I decided to launch this site is because I do believe that women today are very powerful in so many ways. I want women to unapologetically embrace this power, not to lose sight of their long-term goals, get rid (completely rid) of the guilt and enjoy themselves along the way. This site is not just for mothers, it is for women. Playdates are not just for kids.


My girls and I. Brunching and Bit#$ing.

I truly believe that we all have something to offer others. In my pursuit to do just that, I started this site, not as a way to preach my beliefs to anyone but to share what has worked for me over the years in the workplace and at home. I come to you as an executive, wife, and mother. Just writing those words caused me to question how many of us manage to do this and keep our sanity.

I, like many of you reading this, am on a quest to have what I want with a little sanity thrown in every once in a while.  However, I don’t have the all the answers. Really, does anyone?

I will share bits and pieces from my professional life and my family. I will take you through my journey–not because I think I know it all but because misery loves company. Just kidding. Through these posts, I will pass along tips that helped me along the way and shed light on what I find to be a great mix that keeps me focused on my goals and keeps the family happy. Be prepared to hear about the endless mistakes and also see many moments I have with my super supportive friends.

First a bit about me and the fam. I have two very, very active boys. Alessandro (8) and Giovanni (5). They are cool. Sometimes, a bit too cool for my traditional Midwestern background but that’s another post. Fabio is my husband (yes, his real name is Fabio). Anyway, I met Fabio when I was in graduate school in Milan (General Business Management with a Focus on Fashion) and we hit it off. Cultural differences sometimes strike but again, that’s another post.  Read More